Tangshan Kaiyuan Welding Automation Technology Institute

Research Achievements
Engineering center
The engineering center sets up in Tangshan Kaiyuan Welding Automation Technology Institute who is member corporation of Kaiyuan Group, and is the only Engineering Research Center of welding automation equipment in Hebei province. It specializes in the research of new welding processes, automatic control technology, and welding devices, and focuses on promoting in China welding equipment industry automation and intellegence. It has technology development center, welding laboratory, technology exchange center, and a variety of international leading experimental and testing equipment. This center has more than 80% Master, doctor degree and senior title engineering staffs. It will also become the base and cradle of training personnel, and the platform of talent importation, talent training and technology exchange. Meanwhile, It explores investment in technological innovation and talent incentive mechanisms which is developed by enterprise as the main body, the government, research institutions and public organizations as participants. And the center promotes the development and application of leading technologies, common and key technologies of industrialization for welding automation equipment, and supports innovative applications of products and sustainable development of industry.
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